Do you remember the golden days of blogging?
The freedom, the community, the fun?
The audiences that would actually read what you had to write, and then stick around to chat?
The flexibility to be a bit of everything in your own private space?
Well, Substack has all of that that magic and more…

Entre Nou
s is my newest online home, and I’d love it to be one of yours too.

This is where I’m most honest and most active, writing about all my usual faves - creative business, social media, marketing and selling while being a human with a heart - as well as whatever else might come along.
My ongoing French house renovations. The messy, inconvenient process of trying to live more slowly. The zappy-leg-hair-laser-thing that is changing my life. Whatever I’m reading/cooking/learning that I think you might like to know about too.

It’s new. It’s all an experiment, as any new creative endeavour should be.
I’d love you to be a part of that process - and maybe even join me and start a Substack of your own?

But wait - I’m getting ahead of myself here…

Have we met? Hi, I’m Sara, and I really love the internet.

It’s brought me so many great things: Connection, community, creativity, contentment.
It’s given me a six figure business and a ruined French farmhouse to spend it all on. My podcast, Hashtag Authentic, (repeat #1 in the iTunes business charts); my bestselling Instagram book; Luke Skywalker’s underpants; this opportunity to be talking to you, here, right now on this page.

So I’m pretty passionate about digital connection and all of the doors it can open up.

I split my time between Yorkshire and France whilst juggling my business, a chronic health condition, my mini-me, sassy daughter and an unlikely assortment of pets.

I really hope we’re going to be very good friends!

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All of the photos you’ll see here are mine unless otherwise stated - usually taken on an iPhone, or occasionally on a Canon DSLR.

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Got questions? Ask away!

I’ll be updating this page as my public Substack-learning-curve continues. In the meantime, feel free to drop me a comment here or an email if there’s more you’d like to know. I’m an open book, really.
Just don’t ask about Luke Skywalker’s underpants. I’m not entirely sure I’m even allowed to say… 🙊

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